Cisco ASA and smart tunnels – my experience on OS X 10.7

I have been playing with smart tunnels on my Cisco ASA. The documentation is a little scarce on examples, so I thought I would post what I have found. On OS X, not much appears to work (I only tried with Safari). Maybe this post will help someone, or they will post a comment on how to get these apps working.

I was able to get terminal working, but my terminal preferences are ignored. Once Terminal was started, I could ssh into a server behind the ASA:

smart-tunnel list applist Terminal terminal platform mac

Remote Desktop
I was able to get Remote Desktop to launch, but I could not connect to a server behind the ASA. Not sure why:

smart-tunnel list smarttunlist-jbmurphy RemoteDesktop “/Applications/Remote Desktop Desktop Connection” platform mac

I could get Safari to start, but it would crash as soon as I tried to access a site behind the ASA.

smart-tunnel list smarttunlist-jbmurphy Safari /Applications/ platform mac

The error thrown was described by @craigbox here. I also see this in the logs: sandbox: WebProcess(xxxxxx) deny file-write-data /private/tmp/narwhal.log I know that there is new “Sandboxing” with Lion, maybe that is the issue.

Anyway, not a lot of success, but maybe a discussion will follow. I will update if I have anymore luck.


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