My Debian/Raspberry Pi cheat sheet (translations from CentOS)

I have worked on Solaris and RedHat/CentOS (although Solaris was many years ago, so I  should just admit that I no longer know where anything is). I find Debian to be a different dialect than RedHat. This post is going to serve as my translation cheat sheet.

  1. I use the  bash complete string below with ssh and ping. It was not working under Debain. Turns out that the host names are hashed in the known_hosts files under Debian. I had to add “HashKnownHosts no” to my .ssh/config and then re-populate the known_hosts file.
    complete -W "$(sed -e 's/^  *//' -e '/^#/d' -e 's/[, ].*//' -e '/\[/d' ~/.ssh/known_hosts | sort -u)" ssh ping
  2. Debian on arm does not seem to have sysvconfig so I need to go into /etc/init.d/script name to start,stop,restart,status a service
  3. To stop a service from running at boot “update-rc.d -f smb remove” (chkconfig smb off)
  4. To start a service at boot “update-rc.d nfs defaults” (chkconfig nsf off)
  5. cat /etc/debian_version = cat /etc/redhat-release
  6. More to come

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