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Visual Studio with VMware Fusion and SSH

I work on a Mac, but by day I am a windows guy. Even though I am not a developer, I often hack about using Visual Studio on the PC. Recently, have been working more and more with Linux, and I wanted to use Visual Studio on my Mac via VMware Fusion to edit some .css files on a linux slice that I have setup. I was looking for extension to Visual Studio to connect to a ssh/sftp site. Then it hit me (things would be a lot easier if I was smarter) – VMware Fusion installed the FUSE file system (optional) on my Mac. I can use the program MacFusion on my Mac to “mount” a ssh FUSE file system, and then add a VMware Fusion “Shared folder” to point to the mounted folder.

Now I can use Visual Studio to edit files on a Linux box!

Trying to settle on a script documentation header

I want to add a header to all my scripts, keep things organized
This seemed like a good place to start.


'  SYMMARY: A summary of what this script does
'  DESCRIPTION: A more in depth description of the script
'  EXAMPLE: document a way of calling the script, plus expected output
'  EXAMPLE: example calling the script differently
'  EXAMPLE: rinse and repeat as needed
'  INPUTS: \\servername,yes,log (example)
'  RETURNVALUE: output type
'  ChangeLog:
'  	YYYY-MM-DD: username-changes made

What do you use? Am I missing something?