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Photos.app on my iPhone crashes, and Mac does not see any photos on my iPhone (iOS5)

Crap!!!! I had close to 400 pictures on my iPhone. I back it up all the time, but I had not “processed them” (my workflow is to use Image Capture.app to pull photos off of the iPhone, and into a folder, that I then import into iPhoto. I zip up (compress) the original folder containing the originals.)

Every time I opened the Photos app on my iPhone, it crashes. Every time, I look at previous photos from the Camera.app, I see a lot of “Black photos”. Something was screwed up. I figured I needed to import the photos into my workflow and start fresh.

I fired up “Image Capture.app” to pull the photos in, and it saw nothing. I started to get nervous, because I had Halloween photos on there.

All my photos were showing up in “Photo Stream”, but I wanted the originals (does Photo Stream copy the originals? Full quality? I did not know).

My Solution

I figured that since I backed up my iPhone in iTunes all the time, there should be a way to extract the photos from a backup.

If you have a valid backup that has your photos in it, and you have not encrypted your backups, then use iPhone Backup Extractor.app to restore the photos. Fire up the app, select read backups, and then select iOS files. The restore will put all your photos in “iOS Files/Media/DCIM/100APPLE/”

Hope that helps someone.