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php53 included in CentOS 5.6

I wish I read release notes, it would make my life easier. In my previous post, I was worried about CentOS 5.x not having a new enough version of PHP to run the soon to be release WordPress 3.2. Well, RedHat’s 5.6 release notes clearly say:

Version 5.3.3 of PHP is now available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 as the separate php53 package

To move to the 5.3 version of PHP, I ran the following commands:

  • yum erase php\*
  • yum install php53 php53-gd php53-mysql php53-pdo php53-mbstring  php53-cli php53-devel php53-common php53-xml

That was easy.

Support for .vcf files in WordPress

Our developers created a website that had vCard files for each staff member. The problem was that when people clicked on them, rather than downloading them, some web browsers displayed the content of the file.

Ended up that apache did not know how to handle “.vcf” files. The change below is now part of my standard setup script:

sed -i.ORIG “/text\/xml-external-parsed-entity/a\text\/x-vcard\t\t\tvcf” /etc/mime.types