How the cloud failed me.

We host our Linux boxes on Rackspace’s Cloud Server platform. We pay extra per month to use their Redhat Linux images. In return we receive all our patches and updates through Rackspace’s RHN Satellite server. Our thinking was that, we could purchase a Redhat support contract, and  since we were running Redhat we would have OS/Application support if needed.

We were every happy with the service until the cloud failed me.

It all started when the new WordPress 3.2 required PHP 5.2.4 or higher. Redhat 5.5 only shipped with 5.1.x. I needed to update my Redhat VMs to 5.6 as Redhat 5.6 had PHP 5.3.x. BUT. Rackspace decided not to deploy 5.6. They said it is coming, but weeks later I still can’t access it.

They suggested I go to a non supported repo and install it from there. But that defeats the whole purpose of using Redhat on their VMs – I would not have a support path – Redhat would not support a package that was not in their repo (understandably).

I was forced to buy Redhat support contracts for my servers. Now, we are paying twice for updates, with a support contract and with Rackspace’s extra cost per VM for running Redhat.

We have all heard that “forced upgrades” is a downside of cloud services.

This is the opposite – their cloud service is holding me back.

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