Deploy Visual Studio 2010 vai SCCM (silently)

I wanted to have Visual Studio 2010 on my machine. My motto is that if I have to install it, I should package it up in SCCM, so when I re-image, I can just press a button. Here were my steps. Nothing ground breaking in this post, but I wanted to document it for my self (and anyone else that could use it). Also, I am only documenting the steps that I feel are important, so maybe this will be a quick reference for someone.

First I needed to create an answer file: D:\setup\setup.exe /createunattend c:\VS2010_deployment.ini This will walk you through the install and save the settings to an ini file.

Second I added Visual Studio 2010 to SCCM via “new Package from definition” and changed the command line to Setup\setup.exe /UnattendFile \\SCCMServer\smspkgc$\PackageID\Setup\VS2010_deployment.ini

Third I changed the advertisement to “Run program from distribution point”

That was about it. Pretty easy.

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