jbmurphy.com stats from last year

I missed my blogging goal of 2-per-week/104 for the year. I ended up 98 posts. Same goal for this year.
I also missed 10,000 in a month. I was on track at the beginning of December, but then I had a big drop during the holidays.

My monthly break down:

December	 9085
November	 9827
October		 9427
September	 9010
August		 9440
July		 9151
June		 8171
May 		 7352
April		 5027
March		 3966
February	 3160
January		 2741

Here is my year end traffic graph from Google Analytics:


And here is the breakdown for the traffic:


My 2013 goals are 2 posts per week/104 per year, as I said above. And 15,000 visitors a month. 15k may be out of my reach, but I would love it!

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