Moving to the new (and future) Azure PowerShell Module : Az

It looks like we need to move to the new Az module. It is not required, but future functionality will not be added to AzureRM, so I decided to make the switch. Here is how I went about it.

First, to enable backwards compatibility, you need to add this command to your profile : “Enable-AzureRmAlias” . You can edit your profile and append the line by:

notepad $profile

or you can just append it by:

Add-Content $profile "`nEnable-AzureRmAlias"

(remeber ISE has it’s own $profile so you may need to modify it too)

Once you have “Enable-AzureRmAlias” in your profile, all your old scripts should still work.

Next, I wanted to remove all the old AzureRM modules. I had several versions installed, so it took a long time! Note: this code removes any module that starts with Azure*

foreach ($module in (Get-Module -ListAvailable Azure*).Name) {
    write-host "Removing Module $module"
    Uninstall-module $module -Force

Now that we are feeling clean, add the new module:

Install-Module Az

For some reason it didn’t install the new Az resource graph module so I added it:

Install-Module Az.ResourceGraph

I am ready for the future. Hope that helps someone.


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