My PowerShell cheat sheet

I am trying to  be a better PowerSheller. I thought I would create a post with queries I have figured out. I hope to keep adding more.

  • We needed to change a whole bunch of distribution groups – append them with “-NewName”. This query created our origianl list, the last 50 distribution groups created, with columns representing the old and new names:
Get-ADGroup -filter {GroupCategory -eq "Distribution"} -Properties *|
Select-Object -Property Name,whenCreated,mail,
@{N="NewMail";E={$_.mail.replace("@","-NewName@")}} -last 50
  • Similar to the query above, but adds a column indicating if we had changed the name or not – a status column. I used a conditional inside of an Expression field. And I looped through an array retuned by “proxyAddresses”
Get-ADGroup -filter {GroupCategory -eq "Distribution"} -Properties * |
sort created |
select Name,
@{N="NewName";E={if($_.Name -like "*-NewName"){$_.Name}else{$_.Name+"-NewName"}}},
@{N="NewMail";E={if($_.Mail -like "*[email protected]"){$_.Name}else{$_.Mail.replace("@","-NewName@")}}},
@{Name="proxyAddresses";Expression={foreach ($SMTP in $_.proxyAddresses){if ($SMTP.ToLower().StartsWith("smtp:")){$SMTP}}}},
@{N="Completed";E={if($_.Name -like "*-NewName"){"Completed"}else{"ToDo"}}} |
convertto-csv > MasterList.csv
  • Another variation with a conditional inside of  the filter
Get-ADGroup -filter {GroupCategory -eq "Distribution" -and Name -like "*-NewName"} -Properties * |
sort created | select Name,Samaccountname,Displayname,Mailnickname,Mail,
@{Name="proxyAddresses";Expression={foreach ($SMTP in $_.proxyAddresses){if ($SMTP.ToLower().StartsWith("smtp:")){$SMTP}}}} |
convertto-csv > Completed.csv
  • More to come. Maybe these will be helpful to some searchers out there.

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