PowerShell Active Directory wrapper scripts.

In my PowerShell profile I have a routine the sources all the *.ps1 files in a folder. One of these .ps1 files contains Active Directory “wrapper” functions. I call them “wrapper” functions because they simplify the parameters needed to return data in a format we want. The idea is that I can write a series of “wrapper” scripts, alias them, and then everyone on our team can use the same script. All a user has to do is type “jbmurphy” (if that is the script starts with) and hit TAB  and the command completion will cycle through all the wrapper scripts. Some of the scripts are not much different than the actual “wrapped” script, but there usually is simplified formatting to just dump the needed info. Here are two wrapper scripts to interact with ActiveDirectory (AD).

First one finds users in a group:

function jbmurphy-GetGroupMembers {
    return Get-ADGroupMember $GroupName | ft -hidetableheaders name

Second one finds the groups a users is a member of:

function jbmurphy-AD-GetGroupMembership {
   $user=Get-ADUser -properties memberof $UserName
   return $user.MemberOf -replace '^cn=([^,]+).+$','$1'

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