PowerShell: Two functions to determine if a user is visiting the office

If you have users in distribution groups associated with each site in your organization, it should be easy to tell if a user is visiting from another office (more on why I want to do this later). First function returns the current site that the user is logging into:

Function JBMURPHY-AD-GetCurrentSite {
return [System.DirectoryServices.ActiveDirectory.ActiveDirectorySite]::GetComputerSite().name

The second function loops through all “office groups” and if a user is in that office, it returns the group name

Function JBMURPHY-AD-GetHomeSite {
Param($username=$(cat env:username))
foreach ($group in "OfficeGroup1","OfficeGroup2","OfficeGroup3") {
	foreach ($user in $(Get-ADGroupMember $group)){
	if ($user.SamAccountName -eq $username) {return $group}

Simple I know, but I want to put these together to do some custom startup activity (maybe via “Active Startup”)

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