PowerShell script to “process” scripts/functions

I was not happy with the code I wrote in this post. The goal was to write my functions with a “generic” naming convention, and then “process them” – change the naming convention to match my employer’s company name. For example JBMURPHY-AD-GetCurrentSite would be “processed” to Company-AD-GetCurrentSite. In the previous post, I just looped thought and created an alias for each function that matched a RegEx.

I think figured out a better way. Instead of creating aliases, I read the contents of the script line by line, replacing strings as I go, and then create a new file with the new naming conventions.

First I created a hash table with my search and replace strings:

	$SearchAndReplace = @{
	"server.domain.com" = "realservername.company.com";

Next I loop through the files, get their content line by line, loop through the hash table replacing the matching text and output to a temp file.

      foreach ($file in $(gci $SourcePath)) {
    	$tempFile = [System.IO.Path]::GetTempFileName()
    	get-content $file | %{
    	ForEach ($key in $SearchAndReplace.Keys) {
    	  $OutPut=$OutPut -Replace $key,$SearchAndReplace[$key]
    	$OutPut >> $tempFile
    	move-item $tempFile $destination -force

Much cleaner, and I can keep adding search and replace terms to my hash table.

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