Retention Policies in Exchange 2010

I have to say that retention policies in Exchange 2010 are a bit confusing. I understand that they are more powerful and it gives users more control in marking items that should not be purged. But, it is just easier in exchange 2003, you can select the folders you want and select “delete immediately”. For users created folders, you select “all other mail folders”

In 2010, it took me a while to realize that, to create a purge policy that only removed mail items, I needed to create Calendar, Contacts, and Notes policies and “Disable this Tag” .

Get-RetentionPolicyTag Calendar-NeverDelete | fl Name,MessageClass, RetentionEnabled,Type
Name             : Calendar-NeverDelete
MessageClass     : *
RetentionEnabled : False
Type             : Calendar

. . .  and in the gui:

That seems backwards to me.


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