PowerShell wrapper for creating a new distribution group

Unknown to me, in Exchange 2010 when you create a new distribution group in EMC, by default, the group will not receive email from external recipients – the setting “Require that senders are authenticated” is checked. We use distribution groups to communicate with clients, so unauthenticated senders need to email these groups.  This setting is on the Mail Flow Setting – Message Delivery restrictions page.  I wrote a simple wrapper script to create a new distribution group and turn off the “Require that senders are authenticated” setting:

function JBMURPHY-EXCHANGE-NewDistributionGroup {
Param([parameter(Mandatory = $true)]$GroupName)
Write-host "Creating group named $GroupName"
new-DistributionGroup -Name $GroupName -OrganizationalUnit 'site.name/OUName' -SamAccountName $GroupName -Alias $GroupName
Set-DistributionGroup $GroupName -RequireSenderAuthenticationEnabled $false
write-host "The $GroupName distribution group has been created."

Simple one. I know.


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