PowerShell wrapper scripts for Exchange 2010 – first step: make a connection

As I talked about in this previous post, I like to write wrapper scripts that collect input and pass it along to the actual provided functions. I call these wrapper scripts because they are not really doing anything ground breaking, they are just a series of conditionals and commands that I put together, with a common naming convention. Then, all we have to do is tab completion through the scripts that I have written.

I wanted to do the same for creating new distribution groups in Exchange 2010, but first ,I needed to make  the Exchange 2010 PowerShell functions available on our local machines. I wrote the following function that starts a PSSession on the exchange server. This function will be called at the beginning of every Exchange wrapper script, guaranteeing that we have a connection to the Exchange PowerShell functions.

Here is that function:

if(! (Get-PSSession | Where-Object { $_.ComputerName -like "servername.company.com" })){
Write-Host "Createing PSSession to SVNYEXCH01.SARDVERB.LOCAL" -ForegroundColor Green
Import-PSSession (New-PSSession -Configurationname Microsoft.Exchange –ConnectionUri http://servername.company.com/powershell) | out-null


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