PowerShell code to query a table, and put the XML results into a SharePoint Document Library

If you look at this prior post, I showed how you can use an xml file in a document library as a source for an input box’s jQuery autocomplete. I wanted to automate the creation of these XML files and upload them to a SharePoint Document Library. For example, I wanted to query Microsoft CRM for all our contacts, and have them appear as an autocomplete for a search input box. I wrote the following PowerShell script to automate this process:

Function JBM-SQL-XMLQueryResultsToSharePointDocLibrary{
PARAM([parameter(Mandatory = $true)]$SQLServerName,[parameter(Mandatory = $true)]$DatabaseName,[parameter(Mandatory = $true)]$Query,[parameter(Mandatory = $true)]$DocLibraryURL,[parameter(Mandatory = $true)]$FullPathFileName)
$FileName=$FullPathFileName.split("\")[$FullPathFileName.split("\").Count -1]
$xml=Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance $SQLServerName -database $DatabaseName -query "$Query" | ConvertTo-Xml -NoTypeInformation -As String
[xml]$output=$xml -replace '<Property Name="([^"]+)">([^<]+)</Property>', '<$1>$2</$1>' -replace '<Property Name="([^"]+)"\s*/>','<$1/>'

$webclient = New-Object System.Net.WebClient;
$webclient.UseDefaultCredentials = $true

I had to use this thread’s method to change the XML produced by ConvertTo-Xml. The default output puts the field name in to a Property Name tag.

Example: Default = <Property Name=”Version”>0</Property> . I wanted it to be = <Version>0</Version>

In theory, this can be used for any SQL query.

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