Verify if a Recipient Policy is being applied to a user

We use the excellent Dell EMS Email Continuity product. It is fantastic. All our mail is replicated (via an SMTP sink and vaultbox) to their data center. In the event of and outage, our mail will route to their system, and they provide a way for the mail to be delivered to the user. One of the benefits, is that we only need to keep a limited about of mail on our exchange server (the rest in their archives).

We purge any mail that is over a year old. Maybe it is radical, but it works for us. Users prefer a snappier exchange server to messages from 10 years ago.

I do this using Recipient Policies. I can apply “Delete immediately” for messages older than a certain date, to users in AD groups. For example, I use the following in my filter rule:


To verify that a user is receiving the policy, I do the following:

  1. open adsiedit.msc
  2. In the “Select a well known Naming Context”, select Configuration
  3. Navigate to Services -> Microsoft Exchange -> Organization Name -> Recipient Policies -> Select the properties of the Recipient Policy that you want to verify
  4. Obtain the objectGUID
  5. Switch the “Select a well known Naming Context” to Default Context
  6. Now navigate to employe and select properties
  7. You will see a value msExchPoliciesIncluded.

If the GUID you looked up in step 4 is in there, then you are good to go.

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